Originally from Belgium, Isabelle Brightman came to the United States in 1979, and has been active in creative industries ever since. Her keen eye for design has been influenced by her experience in the film business as an animator, as well as her past as a jewelry designer. In 2006, Isabelle opened Illuminée offering lighting consultancy, home decorating and color services. 


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“Illuminée is my “go to place” for lighting. Isabelle is so talented, knowledgeable and fun to work with in selecting lighting options for a particular location. She has assisted in my selections with numerous items over the past four years...”



Manager and buyer of gift shop at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles 1983.

Rotoscope animation for Disney, Roger Corman and others.

Manager of Annieglass and Gravago in downtown Santa Cruz.

Created and managed Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History Gift Shop 1992.

Co-creator of anodized aluminum fashion jewelry with Chris Brightman 1981-1991.

Since color and lighting influence now another, Isabelle is available for color consulting.