BESA Pera 6


The Pera 6 is a curvy bell-bottomed shape, that fits nicely into any contemporary design. The Habanero glass is a warm toned cased glass, with inner opal and a glossy finish. The color of vibrant Persimmon is accented by flowing marbleized black lines, and nestled between the inner opal and outer clear layers. When lit the glass is vitalizing as well as stylish, that adds appeal to any environment.

There are several color combinations that will certainly match your needs.
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The Halo Collection


At Clever Park business center in Ekaterinburg, Russia, an installation of Halo Lineal provides a dramatic focal point in the minimalist lobby. The sticks set at jagged angles echo the Cubist-style desk below it, casting crisscrossing shadows across the room and creating the illusion of light jumping from one rod to another.

A beautiful example of Vibia design working to merge light and matter to the benefit of the whole space.



New from Vermont Modern, on display in our showroom!


A circular LED light guide is suspended from four cables and feeds light to the Anemone’s bristles. The bristles spread light to your room as dim or bright as you’d like. Feel the love.

Synchronicity by Hubbardton Forge


Beads of striking optical crystal intermittently placed to your liking among various shapes of pearly-white, hand-blown glass are the hallmarks of the Curio. A laser-etched light guide passes through glass and crystal to cast a beautiful glow from your creation.