Uno Ora Bench



The Uno Ora bench features lovely wooden slats give that produce a light and elegant look with a nicely rounded finish thanks to the conical legs. This wooden bench is the perfect item of furniture for and entry or hallway, providing a place to sit when you need to lace up your shoes, or for the living room where it makes a lovely small table. A discreet addition to your decor with endless options.

Material: V-legal mahogany, bamboo, or teak

Dimensions: W 13.7 x L 40.1 x H 16.5 inches

Care: Uno Ora is a unique handmade and hand-assembled wooden product that will have variations from product to product. Clean the bench's surfaces with a clean cloth - either dry or hard wrung out in soap and water. 

Uno Ora in black can be used outdoors, but never leave it out in the frost. Instead, store the bench in an unheated room over the winter.