Bonsai Room Diffuser



Bonsai is available in three designs so you can choose your favorite, or even switch between the different expressions; Bonsai Breeze, which denotes a small tree with the wind in its branches, Bonsai Blossom, in the form of a flower- ing branch, or Bonsai Cloud, which is shaped like floating clouds in the sky. 


Bonsai is a subtle scent of vibrant forest with notes of green tea and a slight sweetness from mandarin and orange. The base note is delicately herbal, with bergamot and a hint of musk and amber. It should evoke a room that’s just been aired with an open window facing a lake in the forest. 

Place the scented sculpture with dried plants, or fresh greenery, or together with a display of your favorite things. 

Materials: Fragrance tree: Natural rattan. Ceramic vase: Stoneware. Fragrance: Scented oil. Ceramic is Dishwasher safe.