Can I dim LEDs?

Yes! With the manufacturer's recommended dimmers and transformers if applicable. Check their websites for "compatible dimmers"

How do I choose a color temperature?

Each person tends to prefer a different temperature, but it's important to note that which ever color temperature you choose, try and keep it consistent throughout open spaces where the variation from warm to cool will be visible.

How do I know where to put my lights?

A fixture layout! Before you can produce this, it's essential to have a furniture layout as soon as possible so junction boxes and floor outlets can be located where desired. You will also want to consider the control of the lighting, space by space so that separate switch legs can be wired all prior to drywall installation.

How high should I hang my chandelier?

Over a table, 30-36" above to the bottom of the fixture is a good gauge to use. This will add intimacy and in many cases keep away glare. The ceiling height, size, and style of the fixture are also variables which may bring it higher or lower. Tip: have someone hold it from a ladder and make your decision sitting at the table, walking around it and from across the room.

At what height should I install wall sconces?

In rooms with 8' ceilings we like 72" to 74" for a decorative piece. For an up lighting sconce we usually go to 80" or 84".