EYELET Outdoor Tray Table

By Houe
$169.15 $199.00


This beautiful, graphic side table can be used in many different ways, individually or in a combination of different sizes and colors. The EYELET Tray tables are easy to move to where they are needed whether it is indoor or outdoor. The EYELET Tray table has a special drain system which keeps the tray free from water after rain. The EYELET Tray table is made in powder coated steel and aluminum with 3 different sizes and 7 different colors.


  • Small: 18.5 H x 17.7 Dia inches
  • Medium: 17.1 H x 23.2 Dia inches
  • Large: 13.8 H x 27.9 Dia inches

Materials: This table is made from powder coated steel and aluminum.

Designed by: Henrik Pedersen