Satellite Mirror Ø16


Color: Oak

Satellite Mirror is a simple and beautiful mirror in oak wood. Satellite Mirror gives you an aesthetic mirror in both shape and expression. In addition, the mirror comes with the unique advantage that it can easily be moved around in the house. In this way, you can choose where you want to put on makeup and are not committed to one place. Satellite Mirrors are obvious choices for the bedroom and the bathroom and in the hallway as decoration. The fact that the mirrors are joined by several pieces of the oak wood will make them age beautifully with time and create a unique play of patterns in the wood. Satellite Mirror is a design by Christoffer Skjøtt in 2014 and is available in two sizes.

Material: FSC oak or FSC black painted ash with mirror glass.

Dimensions: W 6.2 x L 6.2 x H 4.3

Care: Satellite Mirror is a unique handmade and hand-assembled wooden product that will have variations from version to version. Clean with a damp cloth. Use beeswax regularly on all our wooden products and they will last longer.