In today’s society, we are used to things happening at the click of a button. Whether it's film, television, music, art or something as fundamental as light, we’re accustomed to immediate satisfaction.

Portable lamps have become increasingly popular over the past few years, proving functional in commercial settings while remaining accessible and providing instant light. In 2024, there are now many options, from table lamps to floor lamps with new brands emerging and innovative designs. Below we discuss a few of our top choices at Illuminee and why.

Pina Pro - Zafferano - $149, Buy Now

Arguably one of the most popular portable LED lights on the market is the Pina Pro created by Zafferano. Since establishing in 2019, Zafferano have become the leading cordless lighting product in North America, utilized in hotels and restaurants while appealing to interior designers and homeowners alike.

The Pina Pro is an award winning best seller for good reason, a simple on/off button controls the dimmable LED and three color temperatures. With a charging time of six hours, the Pina Pro runs for over thirteen hours without being slowed down by a cord.

Because this fixture casts light downwards above the table, its perfect for dining as you can see one another without glare while still illuminating the table. Available in a powder-coated finish, this light is suitable for outdoor use and could make a great addition to your next picnic under the stars or camping adventure.

 Zafferano_Pina Pro from Illuminée 

Poldina Pro XXL Floor Lamp - Zafferano - $450, Buy Now

When you think portable, you may think small, which is the opposite of the Poldina Pro XXL Floor Lamp by Zafferano. This super-sized version of the Poldina Pro weighs fifteen pounds and can be adjusted to 27”, 43” or 59” in height, bringing abundant practicality while producing 510 lumens to help fill your room with light.

After ten hours of charge, this light will illuminate for fifteen hours. Perfect for the next power outage or lounging outside during the summer. If cordless is unnecessary, you can leave this floor lamp on its inductive charging base for constant illumination.

 Poldina Pro XXL Cordless Light by Zafferano at Illuminée Santa Cruz


Candél Table Lamp - Pablo Designs - $195, Buy Now

Bringing an intimate candle-like glow to your next social gathering is the Candél Table Lamp from Pablo Designs. Designed in San Francisco and inspired by a cone of light, the Candél uses a PMMA body to cast a silhouette like light onto its surroundings. With four light levels to pick from and 10 to 150 hours or more of light per charge, you can use the Candél for reading, writing or socializing with friends and family. 


Lito Classic Book Light - Lumio - $225, Buy Now

Bridging the divide between art and functionality is the Lito Classic Book Light from Lumio. This book gives the appearance and feel of a book, which can then open up to enhance your desk with a warm, gentle light that seeps through its pages.

Ideal for traveling this light gives you the potential to transform your hotel room into a personal sanctuary or provide a source of light for comfort. Opening up to 360 degrees, the Lito provides the right light and mood for any situation and features a magnetic mount to easily attach to metal surfaces. With 500 lumen output and eight hour battery life, it’s no wonder it has won both Red Dot and Good Design awards.

The Lito Classic Book light comes in three colors, with two wood choices and a mini option. In addition to the outstanding quality of Lumio, the Lito Mini serves as a power bank to provide light and charge your essentials.

Lito Classic Book Light by Lumio, Sold by Illuminee.


Flowerpot VP9 - &Tradition - $315, Buy Now

Some things never change, but they can be updated. Based on the Danish design from the 1960s, Verner Panton’s Flowerpot is now available in portable form. Deliberately lightweight, dimmable and with multiple color choices the Flowerpot VP9 is designed for everyone while maintaining an iconic design. After eight hours of charging, this modern update to a classic lamp will provide you with ten hours of portable power.



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Isabelle Brightman