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“Less conventions, more freedom.”

This is the bold spirit that drives the founders of Sabre Paris. From the moment of its launch, the brand revolutionized tableware and created impertinent collections that rang out like manifestos. No to pompous luxury and stuffy classics! Yes to cheerful, simple, and elegant products. An original vision that the House invented and still upholds, on its own, today.

With the flick of a knife, Sabre Paris modernized fancy dishware. No more ceremonies. With its flatware, the table is dressed up every day. Beautiful objects to hold on a daily basis, from breakfast to dinner, combining utility and delight for convivial moments with your loved ones. Around the dishes, we find not one but several styles of knives, forks, and spoons!

Sabre is currently available exclusively in-store at Illuminée locations. Contact us at to place an order, or call us at (831) 423-1121 for more information.