ELO Baby Rechargeable LED Table Lamp


Color: Olive Grey

Bring your light on the go with the powerful, palm-sized ELO Baby Rechargeable LED Portable Table Lamp from DesignerBox. Bina Baitel's design features a bottle-shaped lamp that spills out a pleasing ambiance through a translucent cylindrical diffuser, while a rod and dome handle of opaque, recyclable plastic seats the fixture’s weatherproof and energy-friendly LED lamping. The fixture’s flat base conspires with a small loop at the top of its handle, ensuring that the lamp can be placed atop rocks, balanced in alcoves, or suspended from convenient branches, cables, or hooks to deliver a lambent glow below.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use (weather resistant IP44 rated). USB- C Charging cable included. 

Dimensions: H 9 x D 2.75 Inches. 0.8 lbs.

Materials: Recyclable Plastics. 

Light Source: Built-in 2700K LED; 70 Lumens; 0.80 W; 120 V; Head Touch Dimmer.

Lasts between 8 to 40 hours depending on the light intensity; 3.7V 2000 mAh Li-On battery. Made in China.

SKU: ELO-LX21209