Mina Accent Rechargeable Table Lamp


Color: Black

The Mina Rechargeable Table Lamp by Sean Lavin features an elegant sphere of pure optic crystal elegantly resting on a metal base. This beautiful orb is laser-etched and further illuminated by a powerful firing hidden LED, making it a glowing work of art when illuminated and modern decor when unilluminated. Available in modern finishes. It is designed with an integrated 3-step touch dimmer, conveniently designed to achieve your desired ambiance. A USB C to C cable allows Mina to recharge within 5 hours, with a maximum battery life of 12–14 hours. Wall charger included.

Materials: Aluminum or brass with crystal

Dimensions: 5.5 H x 4 W x 4 L inches

Light Source: 2.4W LED, 120-240V, 220 Lumens, Color Temperature: 2700K, CRI: 90, Integrated 3-Step Touch Dimmer