Bok Adjustable Desk Table Top


Color: Oak

The Bok adjustable desk was designed with the importance of health and good posture in mind. The motorized system in its legs allows the tabletop to be elevated to the height of your liking. That way, you can easily switch between sitting and standing throughout the workday. Choose between a table top in oak or black tainted oak.

Please note that this is only for the table top of the Bok Adjustable Desk and does not include the base. Alternatively, you can buy a Bok Adjustable Desk with any base and tabletop combination.

Materials: Made from solid oak or black-tainted solid oak with a varnish finish.


  • 55.5": 1 H x 55 W x 27.5 D inches
  • 67": 1 H x 67 W x 31.5 D inches
  • 79": 1 H x 78.5 W x 35.5 D inches
SKU: ETH-51515