Bysted Garden Bollard - Tall


Color: Black
Light Source
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Bysted Garden is an almost identical, downscaled version of the original Bysted bollard, perfected for easy on-the-spot installation to improve the quality of light in both commercial and residential outdoor spaces. Its downscaled design is based on the same concept as the original Bysted. Four rings redirect the light downward while glowing at night and giving the product individuality and character. 

Bysted Garden is connected to a remote 24VDC power supply, which can run up to multiple bollards. The fixture truly stands out both individually and in installations with multiple units, creating an attractive atmosphere wherever it is installed. It is just as beautifully suited to natural settings as it is to urban garden environments.

Material: Corten colored or natural painted aluminum finish on aluminum with textured surface. The lamp is fitted with an integrated energy-saving, non-dimming LED light source. The bollard requires a separate, 24V DC power supply. Choice of 3 different mounting types.

  1. Spike-mounted bollard: For use in soil or gravel; includes weather-proof cables and connectors for above-ground runs.
  2. Plug and play. Anchor mounted bollard: for casting in a new concrete pad. Base mounted bollard: Includes baseplate for anchoring to decks and floors.
  3. Anchor or Base mounted bollards: installation determined by a certified electrician with below-ground cabling and conduit; and allows pass-through connections.
Environmental Product Information: This product is compliant with the requirements contained in the European Directives, RoHS Directive 2011/65 and 2015/863. This product is designed so that 100% of the product can be disassembled and reused. Louis Poulsen is part of ELRETUR which ensures that electronic waste (WEEE) across of Europa is reused. This product must be treated as electronic waste. The product is packaged in a fabric bag and a cardboard box. The cardboard is made from min. 75% recycled fibremass. Additional cardboard material comes from FSC-approved sources.

Please allow 2-6 weeks for shipping.

Mounting instructions.


Long: H 21 x W 5.2 x D 5.2 inches, Base Dia. 3.7 inches; 5.7 lbs

Also available in Short.

Light Source:

  • Black: LED 2700k, 275 Lumens, CRI 90, 14W; LED 3000k, 288 Lumens, CRI 90, 14WLED 4000k, 324 Lumens, CRI 90, 14W
  • Aluminum: LED 2700k, 275 Lumens, CRI 90, 14W; LED 3000k, 288 Lumens, CRI 90, 14W
  • Corten: LED 2700k, 247 Lumens, CRI 90, 14W; LED 3000k, 259 Lumens, CRI 90, 14W
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