CIRCLE Outdoor Dining Table

By Houe


The CIRCLE outdoor dining table by Houe features a bamboo table top with a granite stone center and grey aluminum legs. This outdoor dining table is elegant and thoughtfully designed and will make a great addition to your garden. Its unique leg construction allows for free seating, as the legs are drawn in under the table providing ample legroom for a comfortable dining experience. 

Adding to its appeal, the table features a decorative granite stone at its center, offering a convenient and heat-resistant surface for placing hot pots and pans. The bamboo table top is pre-oiled, ensuring its longevity and enhancing its natural beauty.


  • Small (43 inch): 29.33 H x 43.31 W x 43.31 Dia inches
  • Large (59 inch): 29.33 H x 59.06 W x 59.06 Dia inches

Materials: This table features a grey aluminum frame coupled with a bamboo lamella table top and a granite center stone.

SKU: HOU-11005-0326