Eclipse Portable Table Lamp


Color: Pale Yellow

Set the scene with Eclipse Portable Table Lamp by Spring Copenhagen, a beautiful play with perspective and a functional and elegant table lamp. With Eclipse, you have a cozy light that you can bring out when it starts to get dark. When fully charged, Eclipse can illuminate for up to 17 hours. It also doesn't weigh very much and is therefore easy to carry around. If you would like to give Eclipse a permanent place in the home, you can consider placing it in the office space, where it will contribute to a pleasant atmosphere. 

Care: Always switch off the light and remove the plug from the socket before cleaning the lamp. Do not use cleaning agents with chemicals or scouring agents - and avoid using water to clean the lamp. Only clean the lamp with a soft, dry cloth.

Material: Aluminium with black textile cord

Dimensions: H 9.4 x D 6.6 inches

Light source: 1 W LED; On/Off switch