Floor Panels


Color: White
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The floor panels are available in three heights, 85 cm, 115 cm, and 200 cm (33 in, 45 in and 78 in) along with one depth, 30 cm (11 in). The panels are the base when building your string shelf. When the panels are decided, you can start adding products with 30 cm depth from String® System. Choose among shelves, cabinets, drawers, magazine shelves and more. The foot of the floor panel rests against the floor, which makes the shelf stable while appearing light and airy. Make your shelf even more functional and unique by adding organizers, a knife holder, or a magazine holder, which are placed on the panel’s threads.

The panels come in two different packages, either with one floor panel or two floor panels.

Materials: Made using powder coated steel.


  • 33 Inch: 33.46 H x 11.81 D inches (85 H x 30 D centimeters)
  • 45 Inch: 45.27 x H x 11.81 D inches (115 H x 30 D centimeters)
  • 78 Inch: 78.74 H x 11.81 D inches (200 H x 30 D centimeters)

Care and Maintenance:

  • Please note that wood is a living material and can therefore naturally change its appearance over time, especially when the surface is exposed to direct sunlight.
  • In general:
    • Always wipe the surface with a clean cloth.
    • Use an underlay for hot items and items that risk leaking through moisture.
    • Check occasionally that mounting bracket and screws are tightened.
SKU: SF8530-12-1