Folding Table


Color: White

The folding table can be folded up and down with ease due to its flexible construction. The folding table fits into 30 cm (11.8 inch) deep wire floor panels from String® System. The folding table is well suited for a smaller kitchen or other narrow spaces where a permanent table would be in the way. Maximize the usage and let the folding table act as your workspace during the day and dinner table at night.


  • Black Stained Ash and Black, Oak and White, Ash and White, Walnut and White, and Walnut and Black: Made using veneered particleboard and lacquered MDF with gloss 35. The veneered surface is treated with a clear lacquer with gloss 5.
  • White, Beige, and Grey: Made using lacquered MDF with gloss 35.


  • Folded Down: 27.95 H x 30.7 W x 11.8 D inches (71 H x 78 W x 30 D centimeters)
  • Folded Up: 27.95 H x 30.7 W x 37.79 D inches (71 H x 78 W x 96 D centimeters)
  • Max weight: 15 kg (33 lbs) evenly spread across the back shelf. 50 kg (110 lbs) for the table top.

Care and Maintenance:

  • Please note that wood is a living material and can therefore naturally change its appearance over time, especially when the surface is exposed to direct sunlight.
  • In general:
    • Always wipe the surface with a clean cloth.
    • Use an underlay for hot items and items that risk leaking through moisture.
    • Check occasionally that mounting bracket and screws are tightened.
SKU: STR-FT7896-12-12