Luva Modular Ganging Bracket


The Luva Modular Collection is comprised of individual modules that can be ganged together to create a sofa or sectional to fit any space. One Luva Modular Ganging Bracket is required for each connection. When installed, this hidden bar makes it easy to connect or disconnect individual units as needed.
  • Designed for the Luva Modular Collection.
  • Easy to install, this bracket allows you to connect seating modules to create a sofa or sectional.
  • Additional Ganging Brackets needed only when purchasing individual Luva Modular items.
  • Ganging Brackets are already included with Luva Modular Sofa, Luva Modular Sectional, and Luva Modular Corner Sectional configurations.
  • Durable steel construction.

    Materials: Steel frame.

    Dimensions: 4¾ H x 13 W x 13 D; 1.75 lbs

    SKU: HER-151KHD000000