Mirror Barb

By Woud
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Mirror Barb is a circular mirror made from solid oak. Made for multiple purposes. The mirror comes with both a bracket for being mounted to a wall and a handle, which allows you to style the mirror as you like. The faceted glass elegantly captures and reflects the light, making it an ideal decoration object. The mirror can act as a decorative accessory or as a hand-held makeup mirror.

Designed by Martin Zanolin: A talented Austrian designer and architect. With a drive to create minimalist design, he pays great attention to the choice of materials and purpose. Martin Zanolin develops his designs with sustainability in mind.

Materials: White pigmented oak with faceted mirror glass

Dimensions: 8.25 Dia. inches; Depth (wall-mounted): 2.25 inches; Depth (handle): 3.8 inches

Country of origin: China

SKU: WOU-150008