MOLO Sunbed

By Houe

The MOLO Sunbed is made from bamboo lamellas with a decorative leg construction. The surface is made from soft rounded bamboo lamellas combined with a metal frame to lead the mind towards a pier and the relaxed atmosphere by the sea.

The back of the MOLO Sunbed is adjustable and has five different positions, which makes it possible to either lay down or sit.

The MOLO Sunbed is beautiful with its warm bamboo surface, but for even more comfort you can add the MOLO Sunbed cushion.*

Dimensions: 13.58 H x 27.17 W x 78.74 L inches

Materials: The table frame is made from powder coated black steel and features bamboo lamellas for the body.

Designed by: Henrik Pedersen

*Note: The MOLO Sunbed does not include the MOLO Sunbed cushion.

SKU: HOU-13101-0312