Light Source

The Patera pendant was designed by Øivind Slaatto, who based it on the mathematics of the Fibonacci sequence. The poetic 360-degree glow of the Patera is derived from its many small diamond-shaped cells, which are assembled by hand. Each cell is meticulously designed to reflect light and delicately vary the appearance of the pendant from every angle. The brilliant mathematical structure allows the pendant to glow, free of glare, from every angle above 45 degrees while providing direct light below for ideal working light, depending on how the light is dimmed. At the same time, the design allows for a wonderful atmospheric upward light, illuminating the ceiling. The form mesmerizes the viewer from all angles – yet, instead of taking over a space, it simply adds its own poetry. It was always Øivind Slaatto’s ambition to create a contemporary chandelier that could provide today's homes and venues with soft, dynamic, and glare-free illumination that generates life and enhances the atmosphere. In every size, the Patera creates a luminous focal point in any setting. The Patera is available in sizes suitable for the largest venue to the smallest room. They all immerse their surroundings in a natural and complementary light. Whether it hangs alone or in rows, the Patera stands out. Place it high-up in a room or hotel lobby – or above dining tables in restaurants, in a child’s room, or in new expressive combinations with different sizes used together. Designed to shape light, the glowing sphere of the Patera provides outstanding illumination with its highly recognizable contemporary Danish design, which creates a captivating space – whether or not the light is switched on.

Materials : Shade is created from a matte white PVC sheet. The canopy is white with a 144 inch white PVC cord. 


  • Mini, 11.8 inch: 11.3 H x 11.8 Dia. inches; Weight: 4.7 lbs
  • Small, 17.7 inch: 17.3 H x 17.7 Dia. inches; Weight: 11.6 lbs
  • Medium, 23.6 inch: 23.2 H x 23.6 Dia. inches; Weight: 13.9 lbs
  • Large, 35.4 inch: 35 H x 35.4 Dia. inches; Weight: 27.1 lbs

Light Source:

  • Mini, 11.8 inch: 1x15W A-19/IF medium US
  • Small, 17.7 inch: 1x100W A-19/IF medium US or 42W LED, 2307 Lumens Color Temperature: 2700K or 42W LED, 2411 Lumens Color Temperature: 3000K
  • Medium, 23.6 inch: 1x200W A-23W/IF medium US or 65W LED, 3731 Lumens, Color Temperature: 2700K or 65W LED, 3907 Lumens, Color Temperature: 3000K
  • Large, 35.4 inch: 1x200W A-23W/IF medium US or 97W LED, 4291 Lumens, Color Temperature: 2700K or 97W LED, 4470 Lumens, Color Temperature: 3000K
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