Perch Linear Suspension

By Moooi


What is more poetic and elegantly captivating than a bird perched on a branch, flirting, singing and celebrating life? We all recognize this image and steal a moment from our precious time to admire this triumph of nature and beauty.

These sunlit birds are free to swing when softly touched. They gently glow and bring along the promise of spring. Also known as Perch Light Branch.

Materials: Steel and aluminum frame with polycarbonate (PC) and synthetic paper birds.


  • Small: 20.9 H x 28.7 W x 14.2 D inches; Weight: 15.43 lbs
  • Large: 20.9 H x 44.1 W x 16.1 D inches: 19.84 lbs

Light Source:

  • Small: 15W LED, 180-240V 50/60Hz, 336 Lumens, Color Temperature: 3000K, CRI 80, Dimmable, 3 Light sources
  • Large: 15W LED, 180-240V 50/60Hz, 560 Lumens, Color Temperature: 3000K, CRI 80, Dimmable, 5 Light sources
SKU: MOO-1939901