PH 5-4½ & PH 6½-6


Light Source
Lighting Control

Light concept: The trumpet-shaped top shade provides illumination of the area above the three lower shades, which primarily direct the light downwards. A base reflector and a blue glare ring protect against glare from all angles. The strongest light is directly under the fixture. The shades have a matte white painted finish to ensure very comfortable lighting.

Materials: Made from spun aluminum with a fabric cord.


Dimensions: 12.5 H x 18.3 Dia. inches; Weight: 5.4 lbs

Light Source:

  • LED 3000K 44W; 120-277V/60HZ; 1755 lumens; Dim 0-10v
  • LED 3000K 44W; 120V; 1755 lumens; Phase dimming (mains dimm)
  • LED 3000-1800K D2W 44W; 120-277V/60HZ; 1446 lumens; Dim 0-10v
  • LED 3000-1800K D2W 44W; 120V; 1446 lumens; Phase dimming (mains dimm)


Dimensions: 16.4 H x 25.6 Dia. inches; Weight: 19.1 lbs

Light Source:

  • 2700K or 3000K 96W; 120-277V/60HZLED; 4420 lumens; Dim 0-10v

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