Punto y Coma Clock

By Nomon

Color: Polished Brass and Walnut

The Punto y Coma Clock has a great personality and a contemporary design, which reinterprets the classic pendulum clock.

Handcrafted in Barcelona, Spain including a UTS German mechanism.

Available in 4 finishes: Chromed Brass + Walnut; Chromed Brass + Polished Steel; Polished Brass Walnut; Graphite Brass + Walnut

Dimensions: ø 14.6 x H 44.5 inches

About the brand: Nomon is a leading company of indoor clocks. They are creating innovative modern clocks for the home, the office and public spaces. Nomon uses unique and careful design processes to create visually stunning pieces with a high functional and aesthetic life expectancy. Each clock is a unique handmade piece produced in their workshop with natural materials and artisan finishes.