Color: White

The rods are created to optimize a shelving combination and fit together with metal and galvanized shelves. The rods are available in two widths: 53 cm and 72 cm (20.8 and 28.3 inches). The rods must be mounted along the width of the shelf. The rods increase functionality and make it possible for even more creative storage solutions. They are the optimal accessory for your hallway or wardrobe shelf since they make it possible to add coat-hangers from String® System. It is also a great spot to hang scarves, shawls, or, why not the dog leash? 

Each package contains one rod.

Materials: Made using powder-coated steel or stainless steel.


  • 20.8 inch: 3.14 H x 20.86 W x 0.39 D inches (8 H x 53 W x 1 D centimeters)
  • 28.3 inch: 3.14 H x 28.34 W x 0.39 D inches (8 H x 72 W x 1 D centimeters)

Care and Maintenance:

  • Please note that wood is a living material and can therefore naturally change its appearance over time, especially when the surface is exposed to direct sunlight.
  • In general:
    • Always wipe the surface with a clean cloth.
    • Use an underlay for hot items and items that risk leaking through moisture.
    • Check occasionally that mounting bracket and screws are tightened.
SKU: STR-MSR58-12-1