Z-Bar Wall Sconce

By Koncept

Color: Brushed Nickel
Mount Style

The sleek Z-Bar Wall Sconce can be utilized to highlight artwork, a mirror, or a framed photo. Mounted solo, it can be appreciated as its own work of modern art. It can be hung horizontally, vertically, or even diagonally on a wall or ceiling. The sconce comes in three sizes, the smallest of which can be mounted at the end of the light bar as well as in the middle. The slim LED bar is dimmable and rotatable, giving users freedom to modify the light.


  • The slim LED bar is rotatable, allowing a warm glow to shine where you wish
  • Designed by Kenneth Ng and Edmund Ng.

Materials: Aluminum and plastic


  • 24": 0.51 H x 24 W inches
  • 36": 0.51 H x 36 W inches
  • 48": 0.51 H x 48 W inches
  • 60": 0.51 H x 60 W inches
  • Square Mounting Plate: 4.5 H x 4.5 W inches
  • Rectangular Mounting Plate: 2.9 H x 4.7 W inches

Light Source:

  • 24": 16W LED, 120V, 1,000 Lumens, Color Temperature: 3000K, CRI 90+
  • 36": 24W LED, 120V, 1,600 Lumens, Color Temperature: 3000K, CRI 90+
  • 48": 27W LED, 120V, 1,800 Lumens, Color Temperature: 3000K, CRI 90+
  • 60": 30W LED, 120V, 2,000 Lumens, Color Temperature: 3000K, CRI 90+